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Reclaim in Spain

Timeshare ownership, or as it is more commonly called: – Holiday clubs or fractional ownership has been sold in Spain for decades.

Many are trapped as a result of high pressure sales pitches and feel like they have no way out!

Millions lost large sums of money from Spanish development deposits for homes that were either never started or never finished! 

Did you lose money on Spanish property that was never built?

Certain tracker mortgages advertised interest rates as being based upon the centrally set EURIBOR interest rate. 2.5 million Spanish mortgages contained a hidden clause which unexpectedly capped minimum repayments above the interest rate advertised.

At Reclaim in Spain we specialise in helping UK clients claim back money lost on unbuilt Spanish property or trapped in Timeshare Contracts that were mis-sold and are now a burden to the owners.

Sarah Allen, Claims Advisor

“We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients, so if you’d like to meet us in person then please accept our invitation to visit our head office and be introduced to the friendly, helpful staff that will be working on your case.”



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