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Club Le Costa (UK) PLC (Also known as/ previously known as Club La Costa Resort & Hotels) was placed into administration in November 2020


Usually, placing a company in administration has very serious consequences. But Club la Costa are painting a different story. The UK company was the timeshare sales arm of the timeshare giant and since they had previously announced that they would ‘pause’ all timeshare sales, some would say this was logical.

On 4th January CLC World News emailed its members stating:

‘(These resorts), as with all other CLC World Resorts – globally, are unaffected by last year’s closure of timeshare sales companies and all resorts continue to be managed by CLC World, remaining available for CLC members and guests to use – without exception (post-COVID restrictions)’.

Yet others within the industry would argue that without the revenue generated from new sales, and the lack of visitors due to COVID 19, the timeshare giant will have major financial problems ahead. So where does that leave the 25,000+ members?


Can you still make a claim?


Most timeshares were paid for by taking out a loan from a UK finance provider. In many cases the pressurised nature of the sales process you went through, and the actions of the people/companies making the sale were not compliant under well-established UK consumer law.

We specialise in claims against the finance company responsible for the sale – even if they were not present at the time – to recover the money you borrowed, plus interest.

We can carry out a free, no obligation assessment of your timeshare purchase and let you know if your claim is viable. If it is, we can offer you a no-win, no-fee route to claim under UK law – regardless of the financial or legal status of the resort.

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