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Spanish Off-Plan

Property Deposit Claims


We can potentially help

  ✔  Get your money back
  ✔  Get interest back on your deposit
  ✔  Support you step-by-step through your claim
  ✔  Help with lost paperwork
  ✔  Sort the legalities out
As FCA regulated our no-win-no fee agreement means you will never be out of pocket

Thank-you for submitting

DEADLINE HAS NOW EXPIRED. Unfortunately if you did not submit your application by 28th December 2020 you will not be able to pursue this claim.

The crash in Spain in 2008/09 unfortunately resulted in the collapse of the building industry and we are here to help pick up the pieces for those affected.


Hundreds of developments were not completed, and many purchasers believed that their money was lost forever.

How do we help? Well, during 2015, a landmark legal judgement in Spain opened an opportunity for investors wishing to recover lost money from the banks where it was held.

Our team have helped recover millions of Euros and continue to represent many more.

Recovering money can be complex, but we are here to take away the stress and help guide you through the process.

We strongly encourage anyone who is unsure, to call us today. We will take you through the process in detail, discussing the potential claim and assist with filling out your application form over the phone. On completion of your documentation, we will handle everything for you, ensuring regular updates on progress made.

You will not be required to go to Spain to meet our solicitor, who will represent you. In fact, you will not need to travel to Spain at all.

By signing a Power of Attorney, which we can arrange for you, our solicitor will act on your behalf.

Starting a claim

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