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Working with Reclaim in Spain

At Reclaim In Spain we specialise in Spanish claims linked to property:

Bank Deposit Claims – To recover money lost on Off-plan Property never completed. (market size: deposits paid on up to 1.2 million unbuilt/abandoned properties)

Timeshare Claims – To arrange the cancellation of Timeshare contracts and recover the purchase costs. (market size estimated 650,000 UK residents with Spanish timeshare contracts).

We are looking to expand our introducer network and can offer commissions way above the average. Our model is based upon introducers using their own contact base to generate and introduce potential claimants to us.

To make it easy for you, we have designed a marketing suite that allows each introducer to engage with their clients and generate enquiries using direct mail, email, social media or telephone. What’s more, we can supply the print and digital assets to you, cutting the time it will take you to go to market.

You don’t need product specific expertise, knowledge of the Spanish legal system, sales or sign-up materials or a network of specialist solicitors – as we provide that, taking all the strain of managing the claims.

But we know you are experts at customer engagement. So, if you want to be fully involved, we are very happy to give you and your team product specific training that will give them the know-how and confidence when talking to clients – and we’ll provide you with all the support you’ll need.


Interested but can’t put a lot of resources into it?

Our aim is for you to each party to do what they are best at. You generate the enquiries. We’ll supply the materials, information and documents, and will work the claim all the way to pay out.

We are happy to provide all the copy and sample marketing from website content through to Product flyers and sign-up documents. We have the facilities to accept claims as hot leads, DDI, paper-based or through our own online Introducer’s portal.

How does the commission structure work?                                      

Lead generation/customer acquisition results in the introducer receiving a success fee of 20% of our net revenue. Fees differ for each of the claim types.

Bank Deposit Claims.

The average commission on these claims is around £3,000 back-end. We are working on a front-end option, which should be in place early in 2020.

Timeshare claims.

We can offer a buy-out option on verification of claim of £500, or a back-end commission that averages between £1,000 to £1500 dependant on the size of claim and how far along the legal route it goes before pay out.

Why not do it yourself?

The size of the UK market for Spanish property claims is significant and the average claim value is high. You may be wondering, surely that would make it worth it doing yourself? So, why are we so open about what we do?

The answer is simple, each of the claim types has its own set of problems and potential pitfalls that would take time and money to overcome. We know this first-hand as we have invested time, key resources and money to get it right.

The most valuable asset you can bring to the table is your relationship with clients. Many PPI or Sipp claimants will also have a Spanish claim and your position of trust, based upon results, put you in a great position to go back to them with the possibility of getting more money back for them.


Law 57/68 Bank Deposit Claims

  • Bank Deposit Claims help those that invested money into Off-plan Spanish Property that was never built, resulting in lost deposits.

  • We have more than 1000 claims in process and have an almost 100% success rate.

  • Eligible client – a client who invested in a Spanish property that was not built (within the last 15 years), through whatever means and transferred funds into a Spanish Bank. This type of claim would be processed through Spanish litigation and has no limit on the claim. The worst-case scenario is that the claim takes up to 2 years from submission to compensation. However, we are increasingly being approached by Spanish banks with offers of out of court settlements far earlier than this.

  • Our commission for Bank Deposit claims is 35% plus Spanish VAT (approx. 7%).

  • Claims are litigated in Spain, with full After the Event Insurance cover.

Timeshare Claims

  • You have likely heard about the timeshare mis-selling and the volume of people that were sold a timeshare at a high-pressure sales pitch on holiday. Those people are now stuck in their contracts and desperately trying to find a way out.

  • Timeshare claims, on the surface appear to be straightforward however it is in fact very different. Relinquishments direct with the resort; Claims against UK finance companies (direct, FOS and litigation); and claims through the Spanish courts all have a part to play in timeshare claims

  • The majority of (and highest value) claims are settled through litigation or the threat of it, in either Spain or the UK, which will require specialist legal representation.

  • We have the infrastructure and external working relations in place to manage all timeshare claim types – so you don’t have to.  

Want to work with us?

If you would like to discuss the possibilities, arrange for us to visit you, or how to get started working with Reclaim in Spain please give us a call on 01903 931 035 or email Chris Sharman at

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