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“We were very skeptical. We had accepted the fact that we’d made a huge mistake and we’d never see the money again. We hadn’t even mentioned the loss to our two grown-up daughters. But the Claims Bureau were very calm and told us that they would never make any promises they couldn’t keep and wouldn’t have to pay a penny until our claim was successful.


Because we had invested cash and not re-mortgaged our home, our claim was a little more complex than usual. But they told us that they wouldn’t give up and they’d keep in touch. Then a few months later they called us about a new development in Spanish Law. The bank that took our deposit should have kept that money to one side, but they didn’t and instead paid it over to the developer, who went bust. Now we could use this new ruling to make a claim against the bank in Spain.

When it was explained it all seemed very confusing but the Claims Bureau made the process so smooth. They told us exactly what we’d need to provide and when we’d need to provide it. At last, we had a glimmer of hope and people who really did want to help us.

The solicitor in Spain was amazing. He was so confident and both he and the Claims Bureau were always approachable and reassuring. Then we received the phone call and I’m still in shock mode! The Spanish Court had awarded us all our money back plus an amount of interest to be paid on top! It was at long last an end to all those years of stress and a huge weight from our shoulders.

The whole process was much quicker than we’d ever imagined and we still can’t believe we have money back that we never thought we’d see again. More than that, we’re no longer living with any bitter feelings of being ripped off. My husband has early stage Alzheimer’s and so we’re going to take a nice holiday, something we can appreciate and enjoy together and hopefully create some strong memories that can be clung to in the future.

If anybody still has a little doubt, believe me, you can’t be anymore doubtful than we were but the Claims Bureau made it all so easy and now we have our self-esteem and our money back. Thank you the Claims Bureau.”

“Nine years ago we received the devastating news that not only was our dream house at Santa Ana del Monte unlikely to be built, but that we would also lose our deposit with seemingly no way to recover it.


Last year our friends told us about Martín de la Herrán, who had succeeded in recovering the money for many clients in a similar situation to us.

We have been impressed by the professionalism and persistence shown by Martín. There were a few delays along the way, but he kept us informed at every stage and showed a lot of patience when dealing with my impatience!

Thanks to Martín, we won our case and the bank has now returned our deposit, so this story has a happy ending. If anyone else is in a similar situation, we can’t recommend Martín highly enough”

“In 2005 we put down a deposit for an apartment in a complex in Denia however, the developers went bankrupt before the apartment or complex were completed.”


We got in contact with Martin de la Harran and he has recently managed to get an excellent out of Court settlement for us from the Spanish bank involved – so not only have we got a substantial amount refunded but we didn’t have to wait for a lengthy Court process to take place.

Throughout the whole process, Martín was amazing – he replied so promptly to all our emails and queries and kept us informed all the way through in clear and perfect English. They were worth every penny of their fee deducted from our settlement. We simply cannot thank Martín enough for recovering our money which we thought was lost forever.”

“We paid a large deposit for an off-build property in Jumilla in 2005 and thought we would lose all of it when the build hit major problems. However, we are about to get most of our money back thanks to the help and persistence of Martín. Although it is doubtful that we would purchase a property again, we would definitely not hesitate to employ or recommend Martín in the future. Thank you for being there every step of the way”

“We cannot praise them enough for their work in retrieving our deposit, in particular, Martín in his professional manner with a friendly face. Would recommend to anyone.”