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Timeshare Relinquishment/ Termination

We have helped many people exit their timeshares and we have an expert team that can also help you with Timeshare Relinquishment.

To relinquish your Timeshare essentially means that you are giving your timeshare back to the developer or resort.


This can be difficult, particularly if a timeshare owner has or is planning to approach the resort directly and request relinquishment.


In the wide majority of cases, it is unlikely they will be willing to accept the timeshare back and therefore the owner will need to seek professional and legal help in order to do it.

We have a proven record of changing lives- giving hope back to people like you.

How it Works

Initially when you speak to us, we will review your case and tell you whether we think your contract has been breached and if we could help.


We are averse to wasting time and are proud to be completely transparent with all our clients.


Once we have completed our review, if we confirm that we can take your case, we will offer you our agreement and send you our case pack to fill out.

We will do all the investigation and writing for you so you can sit back and wait for our updates. We will then ensure you are updated throughout the process- all the way to the final stages.

Once we have gathered evidence and analysed your contract, we will write a letter to your developer or resort explaining how they have breached the contract and offer them the timeshare back (due to the breach of the contract).

Our fee structure for timeshare relinquishment is £1,995 plus VAT at the agreement stage when you sign our contract to say you would like us to work the case for you.

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